We're creating a place for adults with ADHD to thrive and learn!

Thriving with adult ADHD and managing life’s distractions!

About The Overcoming Distractions Community

Overcoming Distractions is a community for adults with ADHD. This is a place to build new habits, be supported no matter who you are, find new ways to get stuff done, and ultimately thrive as an adult with ADHD. This is an uplifting and safe space for anyone who wants to crush the negatives of ADHD and build a foundation with the positives of having ADHD. Led by bestselling author David Greenwood, this community has weekly educational live streams and working sessions, inspiration and motivation during the week, guest experts, and a whole bunch more! You will find and develop the tools and skills you need to thrive as an adult with ADHD.

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Why Join The Community?

Hang out with people that “get you”

Weekly working sessions*

Get regular inspiration and motivation

Build the skills you need to thrive in the workplace

Become self-aware of your own ADHD

Avoid burnout

Have fun while being supported

It's super affordable!

Thrive with your adult ADHD! 

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